Solving the Keyword Puzzle


Identifying relevant keywords for your website and blog is a critical part of any complete SEO strategy.

While you can use Google’s keyword tools for some basic keywording purposes, adding a program like Market Samurai to your toolbox could help you achieve better website rankings as well as boost pay-per-click advertising ROI.

Market Samurai: A Product Review

What worked

Here at CORE, we recently had the chance to evaluate Market Samurai.

This software allowed us to identify what markets are worth targeting, which should be avoided, what keywords to focus on for fast results, and which markets show high levels of competition. The tool also helped us calculate our chances of achieving front-page rankings for a keyword and what topics to cover in our articles.

How it works

Market Samurai pulls its results from Google Keyword Generator, which allows you to enter a few relevant keywords to get to your desired results. While Google Keyword Generator is another good option, Market Samurai provides a number of extra tools that you can use to filter through the results more efficiently.

We also used Market Samurai’s keyword recommendation tool to filter a search term list according to factors like number of daily searches (on a specific keyword).

It will also reduce your list of keyword options according to words “around” those that you select. So if you’re selling heart rate monitors, you can use the software to compare effectiveness between terms like “heart rate,” “heart monitors,” and “monitoring heart rate.”


Market Samurai is constantly updated to ensure currency and relevancy, and it allows you to find complementary products to advertise on your own site. So if you’re already selling high-end executive desks online via a pay-per-click marketing campaign, the software can help you decide whether desk chairs and lamps should be added to the lineup.

The vendor also recently restored some of the functionality that was removed from its product due to Google restrictions.

Previously, the columns SEOTC (the number of results that contain a keyword in the title tag) and SEOUC (the number of results that contain the keyword in the URL) were taken out because they were causing a sluggish keyword research process.

The metrics have since been restored, and users are now able to use a “check” option to obtain SEOTC/SEOUC data for all keywords.

How it Stacks Up

In comparing Market Samurai to other keyword research tools, we found Market Samurai to be up to par—or better than— its competitors.

Wordtracker, for example, allows you to cherry pick the most promising keywords for your online marketing campaigns and claims to provide you with more related keywords than any other free tool (up to 300 per search).

Keyword Country is another site that helps you uncover every possible relevant keyword and pinpoint profitable keywords out of them, while Keyword Spy is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) keyword research software tool that helps you unveil the most profitable ad content and keywords in use by your competitors.

The Verdict

Market Samurai will help you stop attracting time-wasting tire kickers to your site, and it will target the keywords in your market that real buyers are using right now.

The site’s keyword tracker solutions help you discover exactly how to beat the competition and get front-page rankings in Google for high-traffic keywords in weeks or days—not months or years.

Finding the right keywords to market your company and its website online can be a time-consuming challenge that, without careful attention, could also cost you money.

A software program like Market Samurai is worth the investment because it will help you find terms you may have overlooked and refine your SEM. By helping you to generate a higher level of useful competitive market intelligence, you’ll draw in greater numbers of more qualified prospects.

We here at CORE give Market Samurai a thumbs up.

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