How to Find Targeted Twitter Followers Right Now

Did you know that you can grow your Twitter following in less than 15 minutes per day?

Social networking is a party that many corporations have been late for, and quite a few businesses aren’t yet capitalizing on sites like Twitter.

Worse yet is the company that gives a half-hearted effort to building a Twitter page only to find that all they hear is crickets.

Like anything on the Internet, you can’t simply build a page and expect users to find it—you have to actively find them. Twitter is no exception, and finding Twitter followers can be a challenge—unless you use Tweet Spinner.

Tweet Spinner is an innovative and powerful software product that manages the higher-end functions of Twitter so you don’t have to—things like handling followers and friends as well as rotating and changing your profile design.

Build a targeted following

Tweet Spinner is loaded with all sorts of amazing features and automated functions, but its best features are definitely “mimic” and keyword following.

Keyword following is a powerful capability that allows you to input a series of keywords that apply to your company. Tweet Spinner then automatically follows those people who frequently post those words.

What this means to you as a Twitter user is that you’ll essentially be able to troll Twitter automatically for targeted traffic, a job that would otherwise be extremely labor intensive.

Mimic following is a similar function. This clever feature allows you to identify a person or company that has a great following—one that could be valuable to your business, such as a competitor. You can then use Tweet Spinner to follow all the people your competition follows, thus instantly building a healthy stable of targeted followers you can reach out to—all in less than 15 minutes.

Tweet Spinner has a host of useful features.

  • An automatic de-spammer that rids your account of annoying bots, spammers, and people who don’t follow you back.
  • A tool that archives your messages
  • Automated rotation of your profile
  • Follower management and analytics

Tweet Spinner also contains some pretty fascinating artificial intelligence such as the “prune function” which gives you suggestions as to who you should unfollow.

The followback function, which identifies users who are following you but you aren’t following, is important to prevent alienating potential customers in a social media world where mutual following is encouraged.

Tweet Spinner is available in both free and paid subscription versions, and it’s a powerful tool for someone who wants to build a good following with very little effort.

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