How to Use Facebook Ads to Find Customers

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to find new customers and start marketing your products and services to them.

Facebook ads are situated on the right-hand side of a viewer’s computer screen. Some promote local businesses, while others advertise fan pages that might be of interest to the specific user.

To make sure your company’s ads are seen and clicked through by prospective customers, follow these five steps:

1. Educate yourself on the site’s advertising approach.

With Facebook, you’ll be advertising to individuals based on their demographics including age, education, and interests.

This marketing approach will play an important role in the creation of your ads, all of which will be placed in front of potential customers who aren’t necessarily thinking about your firm and its products or services (unlike Google advertising, which is based on the specific search performed by the user).

2. Picture your target customer.

Get an idea of your potential customer including his or her age, education level, interests, and income. This simple exercise will help you shape your Facebook ads in a way that reaches your target audience.

3. Come up with an attractive offer for your target customer.

Your goal as a Facebook advertiser is to get people to click on your ad.

To get them to do this, you’ll need to make an offer that your audience is interested in. Make this offer—not your company’s name and tagline—the focal point of your Facebook ads.

You can use coupons, free services, discounts, and other enticements. By catering to “the what’s in it for me?” attitude, you’ll stand a better chance of creating an ad that people will click on.

4. Develop a compelling picture, headline, and ad text.

These three components will make up your ad.

Pick a headline that grabs your audience’s attention (such as Free Half-Hour Massage), and support it with a graphic that depicts the offer. Then use simple, clear words to further explain the benefits of clicking on your Facebook ads.

5. Keep on top of results and tweak your strategy as needed.

Keep tabs on the click-through rates of your Facebook ads and tweak those that aren’t producing the desired results.

Modify your Facebook ads as needed, and test out different wordings, pictures, and offers. That’s the beauty of online marketing: unlike print and TV ads, which are costly to produce and nearly impossible to change, you can make improvements to your Facebook ads as often as you like to keep results in the black.

Do you use Facebook ads to reach your customers?

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