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7 Timeless Business Lessons You can Learn from Hollywood Screenplays
Marketing Tips: Build Your Brand on LinkedIn
5 Tips to Convince Editors to Say “Yes” to Your Guest Posts
How to Become a Blogging Superstar

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5 Tips to Convince Editors to Say “Yes” to Your Guest Posts – Here are five steps you can take that will make it easy for editors to say “yes” to your guest posts. How to Become a Blogging Superstar – While anybody can set up a blog…not everyone can take that blog and turn it into a world-renowned blog that ends up on Time Magazine’s best blog list or Ad Age’s Power 150. The bad news is that you need some pretty unique qualities to make it to the top. The good news is that just about everybody can learn those qualities.  Let’s take a look at them…

6 Ways to Generate More Traffic Out of Your Images – The following 6 tactics will help you to optimize your images so they can bring you more traffic to your site…and keep that traffic there.

35 WordPress Plugins That Will Immediately Transform Your Website – Here is a comprehensive guide to the must-have free and premium WordPress pluginsthat will help you get results that matter.


7 Timeless Business Lessons You can Learn from Hollywood Screenplays – Odds are you’re the writer / director / producer of your own business. So here are a few concepts and tips on how to the nail the story — while you’re also directing and producing a profitable business.

How to Find and Write Benefits that Turn Online Prospects into Buyers – The idea of turning prospects into buyers of your product or service can be a little overwhelming, and some of the advice out there is downright contradictory. A few easy steps can send you on your way…

Marketing Tips: Build Your Brand on LinkedIn – Your “brand” is increasingly based upon how you present yourself (and the people you work with) on public forums in the Internet.  And that’s why LinkedIn is so damn important.

How to Use Facebook Ads: An Introduction – This article will help you make smart decisions about how to promote your brand and engage with fans through advertising on Facebook.

Leadership Skills

9 Ways Positive Thinking Leads to Success- Positive energy can actually be the difference between long-term success and failure in any business.  Here are some valuable lessons.

How to Close the Big Deals – There are seven key factors that change in scale in a “big deal.” Here’s how to identify them–and then take the necessary steps to land it.

These are the links we think matter the most this week. What are yours?

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