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Weekly RoundUp

This week in C-NOTES:

  • 9 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros
  • Timeline for Facebook Pages: THE COMPLETE GUIDE
  • The Single Thing You Need to be a Better Leader

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How to Write Headlines That Work – A basic definition of why good headlines matter, followed by the individual constructions of eight major headline categories, courtesy of Mr. Bob Bly. Read this post alone, and you’ll know more about headlines than most working writers.

How to Rank on the First Page of Google Through Videos – Don’t you ever wish there was a way to land on the first page of search results that didn’t involve the back-breaking work of traditional SEO?


9 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros – Are you looking for some new ideas to simplify your social media marketing?  Do you wonder how others use social media to attract customers?  We asked the pros for their hottest social media tips. Here’s their advice to help you power up your social media marketing.

5 Ways to Get More Traffic with Content Marketing – There’s more — a lot more — to online marketing than traffic. But if you can’t attract a critical “minimum viable audience” of traffic, you’re dead before you get started. Here’s how to use content to get the attention of those all-important prospects — the men and women who are in the market to buy what you have to sell.

Timeline for Facebook Pages: THE COMPLETE GUIDE - Whether you like it or not, the Timeline format is coming to Facebook Pages, and you have until March 30th to figure it out.  If you’re lost and you don’t know what Timeline is or how it works, don’t worry – I’m here to break it down and make it easy for you to understand.

Leadership Skills

The Single Thing You Need to Be a Better Leader - You can improve your entire organization with one thing. Trust.You build it by demonstrating concern for, and commitment to, the well-being of your employees and your customers. Leaders like Tony Hsieh of Zappos do this consistently, which is why the company he founded is ranked near the top of the list of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

6 Negotiation Mistakes That Can Cost You – In this economy, negotiating with vendors is a vital survival tactic for any business. Here are six mistakes to avoid so you can strike the best possible deal.

These are the links we think matter the most this week to bring up the level on your marketing and leadership game.  What are yours?


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