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This week in C-NOTES:

  • 5 Tips for Moving Social Media Leads Into the Sales Funnel
  • A Fool Proof Formula For Easily Creating Compelling Content
  • 4 Must Do’s to Step Up, Stand Out, and Get Noticed by the CEO
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Pinterest Basics For Bloggers – Does your world only revolve around Facebook and Twitter? Now it’s time to move on: in case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is the new rising star of social media.

14 Ways to Get More Comment on Your Blog Posts – Are You interested in a Simple 3 Part Formula to Get More Comments on Your Blog Posts?


The Taylor Swift Guide to Growing a Massive Fan Base – There’s a reason for all of Swift’s success. And it’s not because she’s the best singer-song writer in the world (although she’s actually pretty darn good at that, too). It’s because she knows how to connect with people. She knows how to tug at their heart strings and wrap them around her finger. Funny thing is, she doesn’t do it with her music alone.

5 Tips for Moving Social Media Leads Into the Sales Funnel – Have you been able to turn your fans and followers into active prospects?

A Fool Proof Formula For Easily Creating Compelling Content – Today I’m going to share that secret with you. The secret to prolifically creating excellent content isn’t inspiration or brilliance — it’s found in structure, planning, and research.

How to Optimize Your Business For Local Search and Social Marketing – if you have a local business or one that targets audiences in a specific geolocation, then you will want to move beyond general guides for search and social optimization. This post will take you through several marketing strategies for local search and social media marketing.

8 Social SEO Strategies to Start Using Right Now – Would  you like to Know the Social Media Strategies you need to start using right now?

Leadership Skills

4 Must Do’s to Step Up, Stand Out, and Get Noticed by the CEO – Master these four strategies if you are serious about getting a key to the C­­-Suite­­ – they are not optional.

How to Become Great at Anything – What is the One Thing You Need to  to Become Great at Anything?

5 Qualities of People Who Change the World – To the mavericks, the misfits, the renegades, rebels and those of you who might have been written off, this one is for you.  It’s the greatest time in history. Your time has come.

These are the links we think matter the most this week to bring up the level on your marketing and leadership game.  What are yours?

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