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We are pragmatic business and marketing experts. We not only advise, we implement and deliver to the end for you.

What we will help you do:

  • Define a Solid Vision
  • Develop Clearly Aligned Goals and Objectives
  • Find and Repair Issues Draining Your Resources
  • Steer Clear of Project Mismanagement Traps
  • Build an Organization that Effectively Manages Change
  • Develop Change-Ready Habits For Employees
  • Nurture and Expand Your Professional Network

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Bruce Hunter & Richie Hunter Strategic Marketing

“CORE offers a fresh perspective on the growing Colorado business scene. With strong leadership and a dynamic vision of the possibilities for this region, you can be assured CORE will be an integral part of the state’s long term business success.”
Bob Meldrum – Senior Director of Corporate
Marketing and Communications
TW Telecom