How to Differentiate Yourself on LinkedIn

So you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile…now what?

It’s time to set yourself apart on this social networking site that so many professionals and businesses are using to connect with one another on a daily basis.

Here are 7 ways you can differentiate yourself on LinkedIn and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

1. Create a LinkedIn profile that makes readers pay attention.

Avoid the drab and dull. Go for something that makes them want to learn more. “Legal Problem Solver to the Stars,” for example, will get a lot more attention than “Corporate Lawyer.”

2. Contribute regularly.

Your profile may be great, but you also have to be “active” in order for others to sit up and take notice. Try to post a few new items a week—or more—to keep your readers interested.

3. Don’t just post a résumé.

Instead, show prospects exactly what you can do for them and why you are the right one to do it. Verbiage like “Legal expert specializing in helping clients avoid million-dollar lawsuits” will go a long way in helping you stand out from the crowd.

4. Use testimonials.

By soliciting positive feedback from your network, you can build up your bank of testimonials and let prospects know what others think about you and your products or services.

5. Put the spotlight on your experience.

Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is up-to-date and lists where you’ve worked, for how long, and what you accomplished while you were there. Don’t be afraid to boast a little, especially if you’ve completed a difficult project or won an award or accolade.

6. Post content that sets you apart.

Don’t just recount the day’s news. Instead, put a spin on the mundane by writing short articles with catchy headlines like “Why your pain medication may be killing you!” This will make your audience sit up and take notice.

7. Don’t let your LinkedIn presence stagnate.

“Post it and they will come” doesn’t work online. Link your presence to your website and other social networking sites, post fresh information and content regularly, and remember that your online efforts deserve as much attention as your offline marketing strategies.

What are your most effective LinkedIn strategies?

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