6 Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile For an Executive Job Search

Your LinkedIn profile can serve as a great way to showcase your capabilities to the executive recruiters and potential employers who regularly peruse this social networking site for job candidates.

Because LinkedIn uses search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising dollars to improve its ranking on search engines like Google, your profile will also come up during general online searches.

Here are six ways to leverage your own LinkedIn profile:

1. Create a complete Linkedin profile.

Don’t just insert your name and contact information in hopes that someone notices you. Use this personal branding tool fully by developing a complete profile that touches on the various aspects of your professional life.

2. Update your profile often.

Just as you should keep your professional résumé updated, pay attention to whether your LinkedIn profile is current and relevant.

Did you win an award recently? Complete a notable project? Be sure to make a note of these achievements on your profile to boost your credibility and professionalism.

3. Connect with others.

Social networking is all about connecting with individuals whom you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. Rather than just creating a profile, connecting with a few people, and forgetting about it, use the LinkedIn search tool to find other members to connect with.

By utilizing this search tool effectively, you can build an impressive network much faster than you would be able to offline.

4. Use your own voice.

Make sure your profile sounds like you and that it’s not packed with corporate speak. Consider what drives you, why you are successful, and what colleagues and managers say about you.

Convey this in your profile and use your own voice to create your personal brand online.

5. Convert your profile into a PDF.

Here’s a trick most people don’t know about LinkedIn: you can use it to convert your profile into a personal marketing tool by using the site’s PDF feature.

Convert it into plain text, put it into a Microsoft Word document, and voila! You have a professional résumé.

6. Update often.

Along with keeping your profile updated, you’ll want to post online articles, blogs, interesting tidbits, and current news on your profile.

Are you presenting at an upcoming conference? Let your LinkedIn connections know. Did you just finish a training course? Post it. Doing so gives you yet another opportunity to brand yourself and raise your profile on LinkedIn.

How do you use your Linkedin profile?

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