OutSourcing Resources

OutSourcing Resources Welcome to our outsourcing resource section. Below we have compiled a list of outsourcing products and services we recommend because they deliver results and are companies that we trust. We recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience.

Disclaimers: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and we will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. This doesn’t change your purchase price, and it helps us be able to keep delivering great content. In fact, purchasing through our links is a great way to say thank you while buying a product that will help your business. Our recommendations are all resources we have experience with and are recommending because they deliver results.

  • Elance: Based out of California and established in 1999, Elance is a virtual marketplace for freelancers and outsourcing companies to connect and work on projects related to writing, programming, graphic designing, book-keeping, and other work. Businesses that wish to outsource work can post their requirements online and invite freelancers with the necessary skills to bid for the project. Businesses and freelancers pay a fee for Elance’s services. They have free as well as paid memberships. Businesses can hire by the hour or by project and track the work’s progress with Elance’s tracking system and Workroom feature which allows messages, screenshots, files, and completed work that can be automatically saved. Before payments are made by the outsourcing business, mutually agreed-upon milestones can be reviewed. Service providers and businesses must sign up for an account on Elance, and employers must remit a one-time activation fee to start posting jobs. Elance has a reputation for high-quality service providers, offering businesses the advantage of a job well done. Outsourcing to a professional makes sense when you want to focus on other priorities, and Elance is worth trying.
  • oDesk: As one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces online, oDesk reported business worth $16 million in April 2011. oDesk is a platform for freelancers to meet outsourcers who list different types of work such as programming, web design, writing, sales, customer support, and even legal work or accounting. The site has the “oDesk Team Tool” which takes screenshots of the freelancer’s computer at regular intervals to keep track of work in progress based on how the payments are made. For outsourcers, oDesk requires that they pay only for the time spent working, as tracked by their team tool. Their team room feature lets freelancers work with a team, view each member’s activity level with the keyboard and mouse, and provide feedback with the work diary. They also have web cams and screenshots of the computer to endorse the working hours. Payments are based on the number of hours worked or work completed. oDesk charges a fee for jobs posted, and users usually opt to get paid or pay by the hour.  A recommended outsourcing tool for businesses and freelancers.