Are You an Excellent Leader

You may feel like you’re an excellent leader.

After all, you get the job done, your employees listen and respond to your input, and your company is thriving. But there’s always room for improvement.

Here’s a 20-question quiz you can take to see just how your leadership skills measure up.

Answer yes or no to each question, and see the key below to find out where you stand.

1. Do you enjoy solving problems?

2. Do you regularly help your team members work through tough issues so they come out ahead?

3. Do you find that your team members and other company employees follow your lead often?

4. Is it a conscious goal of yours to inspire others to learn and achieve more?

5. Do people tell you that you’re an effective communicator?

6. Does your team “get it” when you articulate your vision?

7. Are you a role model for your team?

8. Do you feel you’re influential in your workplace?

9. Does what you say “go,” or is it often questioned?

10. Do you inspire your team members to self-motivate?

11. Are you the kind of person who enjoys changing the status quo?

12. Is commitment to excellence a primary value for you?

13. Are you constantly asking questions that start with the words “how,” “why” and “what?”

14. Do you have a portfolio of leadership techniques that you refer to often?

15. Do you “walk the walk,” and not just “talk the talk?”

16. Do you take responsibility for yourself and your own behavior?

17. Does your influence tend to propel others to accomplish their own goals?

18. Are you enthusiastic and passionate about your leadership role?

19. Are you confident in your ability to lead others to success?

20. Can you calmly establish direction and standards without letting your emotions run the show?

Count the number of “yes” answers and use this key to determine your leadership capabilities:

15+: You’re a born leader!

Your followers think your leadership is a pleasure and feel inspired to do their best. Seek out ways to help fellow leaders improve their leadership skills by sharing what has worked for you.

7-14: You’re the “middle of the road” leader.

You do pretty well, but you’re not quite among the ranks of exemplary leaders yet.

Review your “no” answers and look for patterns. For example, if passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence come up repeatedly, it could be time for an attitude adjustment.

Some time invested in building up your weak areas can pay great dividends.

How have you improved your leadership skills?

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