7 Executive Coaching Secrets to Maximize Your Momentum

7 Executive Coaching Secrets to Maximize Your Momentum


You want to get moving in the right direction and stay on track, but with projects looming, employees who need help, and customers to serve, you just can’t get the momentum to achieve that goal.

We’ve all been there—particularly in today’s harried society where maximizing momentum can be a real challenge.

The good news is that all you really need is a good boost and some excellent guidance to get going in the right direction. Here are seven executive coaching secrets you can start using right now to maximize your momentum:

1. Realize that skilled leaders are made, not born.

Behind their polished exteriors is an ongoing, conscious effort to become better leaders and serve as an example for their teams.

2. Maintain a positive attitude.

Allowing yourself to become mired in negativity will not help further your cause, nor will it convince your subordinates and managers of your abilities.

A positive attitude, on the other hand, can be an extremely powerful management tool. Not only will your positive attitude affect you personally, but it will also radiate out to your entire team.

3. Envision success.

If you can’t see it in your mind, how can you plan for it?

Success is elusive for many, but the best leaders have found a way to reach that Holy Grail on a daily basis. Think about where you are now, where you want to be in 6-12 months, and then envision how you will get there.

4. Plan for success every day.

Set goals for yourself and for your workforce and then hone those goals monthly and quarterly—don’t just let them gather dust on your computer’s hard drive.

Take those goals down to the daily level by coming up with action steps that will get your team moving in the right direction and picking up momentum.

5. Be accountable.

Your parents have probably been preaching this to you since you were a child, but it’s surprising how many adults refuse to be accountable—fully, actively responsible—for their actions, particularly the negative ones.

Be accountable to yourself and to your team, and use every experience as a lesson for future decision making.

6. Don’t overlook the big picture.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in minutiae when you’re dealing with multiple projects and managing large teams.

Keep the momentum flowing in the right direction by also spending time on the bigger picture, such as an upcoming corporate expansion or a new product line. This will help you stay motivated and on track even as the stacks of paper and sticky notes are piling up on your desk.

7. Don’t forget to have some fun.

Great leaders know how to inject fun into the workplace, even when deadlines are looming and employees are overloaded. Even something as simple as casual Fridays can help ease the tension at work and keep the positive momentum on track.

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