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content-marketingHere are some of the best content marketing resources available to help you address the challenge of leveraging content to get customers that buy today.  Below you will find recommendations and reviews on some of the most amazing books that cut to the core of the most important content marketing strategies for your business.

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Content MarketingRebecca Lieb is a world renowned expert in digital marketing and the author of Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher. In her book, she defines publishers as those who own a website or blog or have a Facebook or Twitter presence and explains why they must think like publishers.

Publishers are an influential lot who must build an online content marketing strategy by using words, images and multimedia to promote customer engagement and raise conversion rates. Lieb offers a comprehensive and implementable guide to achieve this that includes: How to plan what content to publish online, where and how it must be published, the frequency of the message and how to measure it to ensure it is effective.

The book has tips on “listening” to online conversations about the business’s brands and products and engaging in them in a responsible way. With plenty of information and actionable tips, this book is a must-read for marketers.

Content MarketingThis book  focuses on creating content that can be instrumental in attracting a loyal customer base from the most popular social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and weblogs. The book points out the various publishing platforms available today and how they can be leveraged to engage customers and grow a business.  With plenty of case studies, the book guides the reader through the process of creating credible content that appeals to the consumer and can achieve the business’s content marketing goals.  There is emphasis on the art of storytelling and building the right voice to appeal to the target audience. This book shows you how to use social media tools to distribute content. It is a must-read book that shows how to leverage content marketing to engage your customers and improve sales.

Content MarketingThis book teaches marketers how to convert prospects into buying customers with eMarketing strategies that work. Some of the methods outlined in the book include; how to create marketing strategies that align with the clients’ point of view, how to use a content marketing structure that is both appealing and competitive, tips to build relationships based on trust and how to monitor measure and make the process more effective.

The book includes valuable methods that teach businesses how to collaborate with sales and how to generate leads, so that quality sales time and effort can be focused on hot prospects who are likely to buy. The goal of the book is to show businesses how to spend less time on sales, increasing productivity and profits. Since every business has a variable sales process, it is important to ensure that each activity is measurable to get the best return on investment.

Content MarketingThis book focuses on integrating online and offline marketing in an innovative way and stresses on how to use quality content to connect with customers. It includes strategies that can be used by businesses regardless of their size to improve and enhance their customer relationships.

Pulizzi and Barrett emphasize the value of creating relevant and quality content marketing approaches to attract steady targeted traffic in a business environment where the marketing rules are always evolving. The book offers tips, tricks and techniques to help readers implement content marketing that helps them engage their visitors and build a loyal customer base. The book also explores PR, advertising and content marketing in depth and explains why content that offers value to customers -rules.

This book shows you how to grow and explode your business by becoming a resource for others.  The book provides a winning formula to attract innumerable customers and prospects to grow your business.  Inside the book, you will find the following: Tips on how to create content that is shareable yet meets peoples’ needs, how to find outside experts to work with, who will be ready to promote your content, how to attract and keep fans for your business, and how to creatively market and sell your products to people who want them. Launch is about practical and useful win-win strategies and methods to expand your business by helping those around you.

The focus of this book is on content marketing and endorses the premise that content rules and sells. This guide to content management within the organization relates to small, medium and large businesses. The book equips the serious marketer with the tools and ideas to build a story and convey it to his business audience, attracting loyal subscribers to the brand.

Both Rose and Pulizzi are recognized names in the content marketing field and throughout this book, they not only help marketing professionals and business leaders create a content marketing plan but also show them how to implement the plan successfully. Within the book are tips on building the case for content marketing, creating a strategy that suits the business, develop a storyline that grabs the customers’ attention and identify the marketing channels that are most effective to implement this content strategy. This book is a valuable practical guide to help businesses to develop their brand presence with effective content.

The-End-of-Business-As-Usual-Rewire-the-Way-You-Work-to-Succeed-in-the-Consumer-RevolutionThis is a definitive guide with practical insights on how to succeed in an environment defined by the current social trends in mobile web, social media and real time interaction between consumers and businesses.  According to the book, the information revolution caused by these social trends has changed the way businesses will operate and has influenced their culture.

The book offers tips on how to handle new consumer behavior and how to communicate with them. With plenty of charts, infographs and bulleted lists, Brian Solis breaks down complex theories in an easy to understand way. He explores the future of social commerce and how to market a business in a changing consumer landscape. This practical book is a must have for marketers who want to steer their clients through today’s competitive business landscape.

This book is based on premise the marketing services industry is on the threshold of change and that marketing agencies must be flexible, tech savvy and ready to integrate digital marketing with offline methods to create a stable niche for their business.  The Marketing Agency Blueprint offers a realistic guide with ten rules to achieve this goal. This book contends successful marketing agencies will generate multiple revenue streams through a bouquet of services that including consultancy, training, publishing and sales. The book also explains how to generate qualified leads and add long term clients.

The-New-Rules-of-Marketing-and-PR-How-to-Use-News-Releases,-Blogs,-Podcasting,-Viral-Marketing-and-Online-Media-to-Reach-Buyers-DirectlyThis is an insightful book with practical approaches to help businesses build and execute an effective content marketing and public relations plan.

Today, it is possible to publish directly on the web, making it easy to connect and engage with the end-buyer, opening up a new range of opportunities for the marketer. Cutting-edge content in the form of news releases, blogs and podcasting are just some of the ways to grab these opportunities and communicate with the market. David talks in detail about the importance of websites that publish rich content and the critical and tenuous relationship between internet marketing and good content.


This book focuses on success in social media and content marketing. It describes how to revamp the organization to leverage real-time business interactions for success. The book outlines seven ways to build a business that is smarter, faster and more social and lists them as: Forming a new foundation, identifying trustworthy talent, organizing the workforce, answering the telephone, stresses on “response-ability”, building the fire extinguisher and creating a calculator.