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Blogging ResourcesWelcome to our blogging resource section. Below we have compiled a list of blogging products and services we recommend because they deliver results and are companies that we trust. We recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience.

Disclaimers: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and we will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. This doesn’t change your purchase price, and it helps us be able to keep delivering great content. In fact, purchasing through our links is a great way to say thank you while buying a product that will help your business. Our recommendations are all resources we have experience with and are recommending because they deliver results.

Using WordPress
Using WordPress
Using WordPress: More Than Just a book by Tris Hussey is an easy-to-read, well organized book that’s full of tips and suggestions for setting up a great WordPress blog. It begins with an introduction to WordPress explaining the difference between the .org and .com versions with an overview of domains and hosts, and it goes on to explain how to choose the right domain and host. The book is full of screenshots to show how to implement the various tips and explains how to install WordPress, navigate its dashboard, configure WordPress, add plug ins, choose themes, and so on. Tris Hussey, who is Canada’s first professional blogger and blogging expert, also explains how to manage the blog content, protect it, and make it search engine friendly. Even though some of this information is available online, Using WordPress packs everything in one book and serves as a ready reference for setting up a successful WordPress blog. This book is worth the investment.

Teach Yourself Visually WordPress
Teach Yourself Visually WordPress
Teach Yourself Visually WordPress by Janet Majure is a great visual guide that helps you set up a blog and have it running using the WordPress platform. Especially written for those who prefer to learn by seeing, this book provides easy-to-follow instructions to get started with WordPress and make use of its various features. The book is full of visual examples with step-by-step instructions ,and it teaches how to write engaging blog posts along with tips on researching a name for your blog, choosing topics, using widgets on the blog, and troubleshooting tips in addition to customization tips. The book also offers advice on how to buy a domain, find a web host, and install the WordPress software. Written for both individuals and businesses who wish to build their brand and attract traffic to their websites by creating engaging content, Teach Yourself Visually WordPress is the definitive instruction manual to do it right. A must-have for all bloggers.

Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 minutes
Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 minutes
Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 Minutes by Michael Miller is a quick guide that offers practical advice through ten-minute lessons. Google Analytics is an important web analytics tool, and this book teaches you everything you need to know to take advantage of it. It helps you monitor and track your website’s performance and tells you how to set up your Google Analytics account, set goals, and measure your site’s performance against these goals. The book also describes how to track visitors from various sources such as search engines, your pay-per-click advertising campaigns, email, and so on, in addition to visitor browsing behavior. Packed with tips and tricks, Sams Teach Yourself Google Analytics in 10 minutes literally helps you take your website to a new level by showing you how to customize and leverage Google Analytics, understand, and take action on the data it gives you. If you’re looking at ways to improve your website’s performance, this is the guide for you.

Problogger Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income
Problogger Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income
Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett, two of the world’s experts on blogging. This bestseller book is a comprehensive how-to guide on blogging to help aspiring bloggers achieve their blogging goals. Extremely well written and updated on an ongoing basis by its authors, it’s a step-by-step guide that bloggers can use to monetize their blogs and make blogging a full-time career. It reassures bloggers that they can make a full-time income through their blogs and describes the techniques that bloggers need to succeed. The authors share tools and strategies for beginner bloggers to choose blog topics, conduct market analysis, set up a blog, and promote it with methods that will help them earn an income through their blog. It highlights the importance of niche blogs, using social media, content aggregators, and optimizing advertising for the blog. If you are keen on building a money-making blog, this book is for you.

WordPress Plugins

Download any plugins, widgets, or customizable elements for your WordPress Blog.


Founded by Brian Gardner, StudioPress is a popular premium WordPress theme provider. Users get a selection of premium WordPress themes that run on the Genesis Theme Framework and a choice of three service packages: Basic, Advanced, and Premium. StudioPress themes come with the latest code with smart design architecture and several frames for your content, along with full access to the support forum and unlimited theme updates. StudioPress can be used on any number of websites. The themes are AdSense ready and come with three integrated units of different sizes where the AdSense code can be copied and pasted on the php files. It supports widgets and provides comment styling so that comments alternate with a contrasting background for easier conversation. There is a customizable welcome section on the sidebar. The title tags are search engine optimized in their themes with only excerpts in the archive and category pages to avoid duplicate content. StudioPress’s professional and SEO friendly themes come highly recommended by its users.

Scribe SEO Plugin

The Scribe SEO Plugin by Copyblogger Media is a WordPress plugin that analyzes blog posts and content and offers suggestions about improving the content from an SEO Perspective. The plugin helps by optimizing content, choosing relevant keywords, keeping the reader engaged, building quality links, and increasing website traffic.The Scribe SEO Plugin analyzes reader-focused content and tells you how to make it search engine friendly, based on SEO best practices. It also helps to build back links and crosslink the content within the site, identifying high impact Social Media users who can then share the content, giving it more exposure. The latest version is Scribe 3.0 and works with WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. The site offers demo videos and a product test drive with a 30 day money-back guarantee. There are different pricing plans and a FAQ section that answers queries. The plugin also offers an overall score, a keywords breakdown, and suggestions about which keywords to focus on. Scribe SEO can be set up on any number of websites.The Scribe SEO Plugin can help you write content that ranks better and generates more traffic and more clicks or conversions.

WPtouch Pro

Created by BraveNewCode, WPtouch Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps set up a mobile theme for your WordPress blog. There is a Free as well as Pro version. The Pro version allows customizations for iPads along with plenty of new features and enhancements that are absent in the free version. WPtouch Pro is a powerful plugin that sets up in seconds after the site license is activated and allows you to quickly set up your mobile phone and iPad versions of your site. With many configuration and customization options, WPtouch Pro can be customized according to the devices on which you want your themes to be displayed. You can also choose a “skeleton” to completely personalize and modify your own WordPress theme instead of the default theme provided. Highly suitable for WordPress bloggers, this plugin is a must have to reach all your mobile readers with a site that’s easy to navigate and read on their mobile phones.


A privately owned webhosting company that is considered affordable, reliable, and expandable, Hostgator offers hosting service for over 1 million websites. Hostgator has standard as well as shared hosting plans, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting services. They are considered a leader in hosting reseller accounts with over 20,000 resellers. They use cPanel to manage web hosting accounts. cPanel is easy to use, and you can add new domains to your server as well as set up email addresses or third party software through Fantastico. Although Hostgator’s pricing is not the lowest in the market, they are competitive in pricing and offer coupon codes for big discounts and savings. They are also among the most recommended web hosting service by Internet marketers as they are fast, dependable, and offer very good support. For internet marketers, a good hosting service with the maximum up time is mandatory, and Hostgator fits the bill with its ratings as the best free website transfer service and best small business hosting service for 2011.


Bluehost is a web hosting company and one of the oldest, offering business-class hosting plans and currently hosts over one million websites. Their web hosting service is considered dependable with reliable server speed, a strong network infrastructure, and good up time rating. Their data center has state-of-the-art quad processor servers, mirrored storage backups, power backup generators, and round-the-clock monitoring by trained staff. They use cPanel for site administration with various configurations, Fantastico, and Simple Script. They offer good technical support accessible via live chat, email, and phone with fast response time. Bluehost’s Platinum Pack web hosting plan is packed with all the features necessary in a web hosting package, allowing clients to host an unlimited number of domains and sub-domains under one account. Bluehost backs up its web hosting plans with good technical support. About the only hassle is the CPU throttling, which freezes or slashes account CPU usage when your website is on a shared server or is being resource-intensive. Overall, a very affordable and reliable web hosting company worth considering.


Using a CDN or Content Delivery Network makes sense for site owners who aim for faster site load times and want to ensure optimum user experience on the site. MaxCDN claims to offer an affordable CDN that is easy to install and activate, fast, zero downtime and free shared SSL with real time reporting, 24/7 support, and a money-back guarantee. MaxCDN is compatible with the current platform used by the business and comes with commonly used third party application modules and plugins. It also works with a variety of hosting options including shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, Colocation, and Amazon S3. offers all the relevant information that someone might need to sign up for their services in a simple-to-navigate format. Prospective clients can take a tour before deciding to use the CDN services. MaxCDN promises increased server capacity, enhanced site performance, and better Google Ranking, all of which are the primary goals for any website.

BackUp Buddy

The Backup Buddy is a premium WordPress plugin that helps create comprehensive data backups and file migrations. The plug in backs up and restores your entire WordPress install including the widgets, themes, plugins and SQL database.  You can schedule your backups and have them located offsite to Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, an FTP/FTPS account or to your email. After upgrading your site, the plugin quickly restores your site to the same server, or helps migrate to a new server in a different domain and database through a quick and simple process if you are changing hosts or blogging platforms.

The Backup Buddy can backup a single or multisite WordPress install reliably. The restore function is quick and easy after the importbuddy.php script and your backup file are uploaded.  This plugin is especially useful to developers who build custom websites, allowing them to back up and restore the entire site effortlessly. The new version 2.0 has enhanced security features. There is a range of packages for different requirements depending on how many sites you need it for. A must-have security feature for all WordPress sites.